Q.  Where or how should I make my appointment?

A.  Click on the "BOOK NOW" button in Instagram bio to schedule your appointment. Instagram @myowndynasty_

Q.  How should I prepare for my appointment?

A.  Please come in with your hair washed and completely blow dried. If you are using old extensions, have them cleaned also and free of any product or thread and completely dried.

Q.  How should I take care of my installment?

A.  Taken care of your installment after you leave my chair is your responsibility ladies and very important for long lasting hair. Please tie your edges with our satin silk scarf at night, when taking a shower and then cover the whole hair with our satin silk bonnet when going to bed. Try as much as possible to prevent too much water from touching your glued down installations. Also make sure to come back for maintenance.


Q.  Do I need to make a deposit to secure my appointment?

A.  Yes, A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment date and time. Remaining balance is due on appointment day in CASH ONLY


Q.  How can I place a wig order?

A.  Place a wig order by searching under Dynasty Wig-Closet or Ready-to-wear wigs or by filling out the wig order form located in the "Custom Wig" tab if you do not find the type of wig you prefer. Please make sure to read the information provided and leave any other requests below if not on the form.


​Q.  Do you take head measurements for custom wigs?

A.  YES, I do take head measurements to make the perfect fit for you. For wig orders from the Wig-closet, please leave your head size/measurements in the comment section when checking out.


Q.  What is hair density?

A.  Hair density is how thin or thick the hair on your lace will be. The densities come in 150%, 180%, 200%. We can also custom make 250% for you ladies who want big hair. Please email contact.dynasty@yahoo.com with your request.


Q.  Is it possible to receive my unit earlier than the standard turnaround time?

A.  YES, it is possible to receive a rush order/service. Please contact.dynasty@yahoo.com with your request.


Q.  If I don’t see what I want on the website, how do I order it?

A.  You can custom make your own wigs under the “CUSTOM WIG” tab, or if it’s just a bundle or closure/frontal, please email contact.dynasty@yahoo.com with your request.


Q.  Do you ship Internationally?

A.  YES, please email contact.dynasty@yahoo.com with your request.


Q.  How do I know my head measurements?

A.  Follow the template below to measure your head to know whether you're S/M/L.